Day 29 Tips and Tricks: Target Markdown Schedule

by Andrea Cooley

Does the site of this red basket with a bullseye on it make anyone else happy? I don't know how Target does it, but they have figured out what women want and how to make them buy it!

I'm not a huge coupon shopper, I don't have the time or patience for it, but I do keep an eye out for sales. So, when I found the schedule for Target markdowns, I had to share!

Monday: Kids’ clothes, office supplies, gift wrap, electronics
Tuesday: Women’s clothes and decor
Wednesday: Men’s clothes, toys, food, health and beauty
Thursday: Lingerie, shoes, housewares
Friday: Cosmetics,  automotives

You can also find tips for reading clearance labels and learn how to know when something is marked down as far as it will go.

Tuesday looks like the best shopping day to me, what do you think? Anyone going to the bullseye boutique tomorrow?

If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I really really like that lion. He is awesome.

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