Day 3 Tips and Tricks: Hanging a Gallery Wall

by laura.johnson

We promise we won't be writing about the best way to hang things for 31 Days, but we have one more trick up our sleeves when it comes to hanging. Yesterday I shared my favorite tip on marking the perfect spot when hanging photos, while that slick little trick works great while hanging a single frame and entire gallery wall takes a little bit more planning. Andrea and Adam shared some great tips when conquering their big blank wall in the living room.  Here's how they worked their magic:

The wall is a combination of prints from Etsy and West Elm. I looked and looked online and around town for prints or photographs. I would pull things out of magazines and catalogs or send Adam links of things I liked, and he usually said they looked good. But honestly, he wasn’t too worried about what we hung on the wall. He’s the guy who goes to the store and buys the first pair of jeans or shoes he tries on and is ready to go home. I on the other hand have to try every pair on at least once and maybe even bring something home to try it on again and then decide to return it.

Once we had all the frames, the next step was hanging them. First I laid all the frames on the floor in front of the wall and got them arranged how I wanted them. Then, I used the mounting patterns that West Elm included with the frames (genius!). Seriously, this makes it so much easier!Two of the frames were from Target so I didn’t have a pattern for them, so I made ones out of newspaper. So we taped those to the wall and pounded in the nails:

Then we ripped off the paper, hung the frames, and stood back to admire our wall. I love the mix of frames and prints, and think they balance each other really well.

If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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