Day 6 Tips and Tricks: Love and Marriage

by Andrea Cooley

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All week we've been sharing tips and tricks for around the house, but we thought we'd dedicate our posts on Saturdays to marriage.

We've all heard he things on this poster before, but it never hurts to remind yourself about what's important in marriage. At the end of the day it's not about whether you got the last word in or if he did the dishes without being asked, it's about loving and honoring each other. Right?

I love that it says "Laugh Often" One of the best parts about being married to Adam is how much fun we have together. Seriously, no one else can make me laugh like he does! We joke that we are entertainers, and it's true. I love making him laugh and just having fun with him. Every day isn't easy, but we sure do have a good time together!

Remembering to hold hands, listen, and compromise are all good too.

For more marriage tips check out our Love & Marriage board on Pinterest.

If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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Andrea Cooley

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