Day 9 Tips and Tricks: Baby Bath time

by laura.johnson

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Rubber Ducky you're the one! You make the bath time so much fun…. NOT.

In theory Mr. Ducky is all you need for a happy splash time with your new babe, but honestly most of Lydia's first baths at home were long, stress filled, heart-wrenching scream sessions that usually ended with more tears than bubbles.  I'm not sure who is more stressed out in this photo, Lydia or Cody. 

But after a few tweaks to our routine, it's now one of her favorite activities! Here's how we make it happen.

1. Bath time with Mommy. (Or Daddy)
Baby bath tubs take up way too much room, the kitchen sink involves too much prep to transition it from washing the greasy bacon pan to washing a baby. (there are some things in life that should NOT smell like bacon, and a baby is one of them)

To make life simple I just bring Lydia in the tub with me, it's far easier to hold on to her and get the water temprature right. We can play and splash together avoiding all of the 'don't leave me tears', and best of all I can use the hand-held shower to get her delightful neck rolls really clean.

2. Jojoba oil in the water.
Jojoba oil is great for your skin, it's a natural moisturizer that leaves skin soft and smooth. A drop or two in the bath with your baby is enough to nourish their skin yet not make them slick and hard to hold on to. Plus, then you don't have to put on lotion after their bath when they are already cool and ready for warm clothes and lots of cuddles.

3. Hair dryer
Lydia has used my hair dryer WAY more than I ever have.  At first when I heard this tip from one of the neonatal nurses I thought it was a little absurd, but when the tears won't stop you'll try about anything. Sure enough Lydia LOVED the feel of the warm breeze on her face. I set the dryer on the warm air setting to not burn her little skin and hold it about a foot and a half away from her and let the magic happen.

Doesn't she look all happy and clean?

If you missed the start of our 31 Days of Tips and Tricks you can find all the posts here.

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  1. I love the picture at the bottom. Our little girl loves being clean.

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