Decorating around the TV, Part 1

by Andrea Cooley

Our TV is in the living room, probably like the majority of people. In my dream house, we would have the TV in a family room and a living room without a TV. But there's only one living space in the house, and it happens to be where we watch TV.

I have rearranged the furniture in the living room multiple times, but the TV has always stayed in one of the corners by the fireplace. I think I'm ready to change it up and move it to the gallery wall. What do you think? (please excuse the impromptu photos of the living room, this is real life! Toys on the floor, magazines and water bottle on the coffee table, laptop charging on the ottoman)

I'm hoping the TV will feel more integrated in the space rather than just shoved in a corner. I was lamenting the big black box in the room and a friend reminded me that at least TVs are a lot sleeker than they were 10 years ago! I had to agree.

living roomIf we move the TV over to the gallery wall, we'd put the couch across from it and in front of the windows.

Of course I found examples of living rooms with the TV along a gallery wall for inspiration!

TV gallery wall

{Lisa Sherry Interiors}


{Cape 27 Blog}

I don't think we could pull off a pallet wall in our living room, but it's a great look!

flat screen framed

{All Things Thrifty}

This custom frame for a flat-screen TV is pretty slick. Usually I'm not a huge fan of TVs hung on the wall. It's too industrial looking for my taste. But this wood frame looks great! Especially if you hung other frames around it.

Is your TV in your living room? Do you have a clever way of making it not be the focal point?

Adam will be home tonight, so I'm hoping I can sweet talk him into helping me rearrange the furniture after baby boy goes to bed! I'll keep you posted.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. The best way to keep the TV from being the focal point is to put it in a closet and then take it out when you really really want to watch something. It sounds like a hassel because it is, but you will find you only watch what you really want and it keeps the TV from becoming the center of attention. Try it for a month and see what happens to your life. Good Luck!

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