Decorating for spring

by Andrea Cooley

DSC_0600It's finally starting to feel like spring so I thought it was time to do a little freshening up in the living room! I cleared off the mantel (I even dusted it!) and started looking around the house for "springy" things.DSC_0594I started with the "Find Beauty" artwork that was in our bedroom. It will probably go back to the bedroom at some point, but for now, I'm loving it on the mantel! Seriously, "shopping" your house is my favorite way to decorate. Then I started looking for what I had that was yellow and green. DSC_0592I pulled out my dried billy balls and my painted billy balls. Can you tell the difference? I love the yellow with the square turquoise vase.DSC_0593 I added some moss balls (or as Adam refers to them as "green ball things") to the glass bowl. I love the pop of green!DSC_0596I'm loving the hexagon shelf! After I posted about hexagons popping up all over the place, I remembered that I had ordered these shelves before baby boy was born and stashed them in a closet. I can't wait to move them around the house!

DSC_0599The owl made a return appearance on the spring mantel. I kind of want to find some friends for him! I'm always reading about how easy it is to transform ugly figurines with white spray paint. Maybe I'll give it a try.DSC_0601Yay for being home and being able to take advantage of sunny days! Baby boy loves rolling around on the floor while I snap away. Of course, I can't resist taking a few pictures of him too!DSC_0603I love filling this glass bowl with pretty things. It was a wedding gift and I've never used it for food, but it's a great decorating accessory!DSC_0605Here's the view of the mantel from the sofa. It took me awhile to get to this point. I would bring a few things out, arrange them, sit back and look at it, rearrange, and repeat! The tweaking is the fun part!DSC_0577I also did a litlte rearranging of the bookshelves and console table. I pulled out my prettiest books and the Nate Berkus antlers from Target. I love the reflection on the wood (it's my motivation to dust!)DSC_0607I put a second hexagon shelf on the leaning shelves with some of my favorite vases. DSC_0608I love the reflection of the yellow branches in the mirror! I think I want to add some greenery to the yellow vase. Maybe I can find some ferns. Or has anyone seen the paper flowers from West Elm? I'm curious how they look in person and if they're worth the money.

img60oThese are on clearance, $23.99 for 6, which is still a little pricey in my book. But they sure are pretty! I also feel like if I was feeling crafty I could make something similar. I'll keep you posted!

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Andrea Cooley

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