Decorating for the boys

by Andrea Cooley

Be Strong and Courageous print

We move in less than 3 weeks and the house is looking like even more of a war zone than usual! Boxes are tucked in every corner, the ping pong table in the basement is piled with yet another load of stuff to take to Goodwill, and I’m trying to find cool weather clothes for the boys to wear.

I don’t think of myself as being overly sentimental, but I’m starting to get sentimental about leaving this house. It’s the first house Adam and I owned. We painted almost every single room and learned to (mostly) appreciate living in an old house with all its quirks and charms. It’s the house we brought our babies home to. The house where we celebrated first birthdays and anniversaries.

Foster is 13 months old and we FINALLY moved him into the nursery (and the crib) and moved Emerson into a toddler bed. Even though they will only be in those rooms for a few weeks, it was time to make the switch.

Decorating their rooms has been one of my favorite projects! I’m a little sad that Emerson won’t get to spend more time in his big boy room, but hopefully I’ll snap some pictures of it before we start packing it up. And if that doesn’t happen, here’s the inspiration from a year ago.

We didn’t make many changes to the nursery for Foster (here it is before Emerson was born), but I did want to change things up a little for him. I made a mobile that hangs over the changing pad, and I added things to the shelf that were just for him.

piggy bank 2I snapped these pictures with my iphone. I wish they were crisper and that the lighting were better, but at least it’s documented!

A friend gave us the sweet little map pendant. What is it about pendants that are cute wherever you put them? Seriously, I think I could have one in every room of the house, but I digress.

I absolutely love the Joshua 1:9 print from Naptime Diaries. “Be strong and courageous. The Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” It’s a verse I want both of the boys to know and live!

The wood Iowa state rattle is from Bannor Toys. It’s one of those toys that is almost too pretty to let the boys throw around, but yes, I do let Foster chew on it!

I even did a little DIY–gasp! I laugh when I think about how many projects I used to get done before kids and when I only had one little human to chase around.

piggy bankI got this plain white piggy bank at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it blue. Easy peasy! Seriously, why don’t I spray paint things more? It’s so quick! I’m all about projects that have instant gratification.

I have gotten away from posting projects and decorating ideas, but writing this post makes me realize I kind of miss it! Maybe I will start doing a few more decorating posts when we move…

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