Decorating the Guest Room

by Andrea Cooley

I’m pretty sure I’ve never shared any pictures of our guest room here. We use it a lot (we love having visitors!) but aside from making the bed and putting up blinds we haven’t done anything with it. After 2 years in our house, slowly but surely the room is coming together.Last weekend when we were at IKEA we  got a bedside table. It’s the HEMNES chest. I got the yellow lamp ages ago. I think I found it on sale at Kirkland, one of those places I rarely go, but sometimes you can find a deal. The corduroy alligator is the first stuffed animal we bought when we started trying to get pregnant. I can’t wait to move it to the baby room (another room I’ll share pictures of soon!)

We didn’t even realize that the drawers were lined with pretty yellow striped paper and that there was a little storage tray in one of the drawers until we put it together. I love discovering those little things!

Our TV stand is from the HEMNES collection too, it’s one of my favorites! Adam did a great job putting it together.
He’s had a lot of practice reading IKEA instructions. Our kitchen table and chairs and a shelf in his office are also from IKEA.

We also got a desk for my sewing machine (I got it for my birthday the end of March and have yet to use it! Now I have no excuse). I ordered it from Target and Adam put it together. He said it was fewer pieces to put together than IKEA furniture.

The last addition to the room is a rug (also from IKEA). I love the wood floors, but it’s a good sized room and the rug makes it feel a little cozier.

I love watching the room come together! It’s taken 2 years, but I’m learning that decorating a house doesn’t happen all at once. I’ve been thinking about what I’d like in the room for a long time, and the pieces are finally falling into place.

Here are the rest of our plans for the room (we’ll see how much we can get done before the baby comes!)

• Paint the walls (and possibly the trim)

• Hang curtains

• Hang more things on the walls

• Change out the ceiling fan (I don’t think this is necessary, but Adam wants to…)

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I’ll just say that probably the reason the ceiling fan should be replaced is the same reason a photo didn’t make it into a post here of the ceiling fan! Let’s just say it came with the house….and it doesn’t look good. :)

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