Decorating with Boys

by Andrea Cooley

We haven’t talked about the challenges of decorating with our husbands very much lately, but seeing as learning how to live and create a home with boys (aka our husbands) is why we started this blog, I thought it was a good time to talk about it again!

Emily Henderson (any Secrets from a Stylist fans?) had a great post about how men and women can live in decorating harmony a few weeks ago, that is definitely worth reading. It made me think about the compromises Adam and I have made in decorating and what we've learned over the years. Not that we have it figured out!

I don’t think my style is super girly, but it’s probably more colorful and eclectic than Adam would ever come up with on his own. For the most part, I’m really lucky that he lets me take the reigns in most decorating-related decisions, but I learned early on to always ask his opinion, and then really consider it and not just laugh it off—that’s hard sometimes!

Earlier this week we had some new windows installed. That meant taking down curtains and moving furniture (which I'm not very helpful with at 9 months pregnant). I jumped at the opportunity to rearrange the furniture.

I of course had a vision of where everything was going to go and Adam had another. My first reaction was to resist his idea, but I listened to his idea and guess what? His way works (it still needs some minor tweaks) and it looks great!

Emily’s first tip is for both of you to decide what is most important to them in the house. To me this means to pick your battles. For us, this means I generally turn a blind eye on Adam’s office area (he works at home). Even though it’s out in the open and we can’t close the door to it when people come over, it’s not worth arguing about having computer servers and countless cords in full view from the dining room.

Emily also says to own one piece of leather furniture. We haven’t made this leap yet, but not because Adam doesn’t want it! I remember the first time we went furniture shopping. We were looking for a chair. Adam wanted a recliner (preferably leather) and I wanted neither. We ended up compromising and getting a chair that did recline, but wasn’t an overstuffed Lazy Boy. Since then I’ve warmed up to the idea of leather, but for now it’s not in the budget!

It's definitley worth checking out all of Emily's tips. I wish I had them when we were first married! I especially love how she says she's tricked her husband into like several things in the house!

What are your biggest design compromises?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. One of our housewarming gifts was my grandpas old leather chair so we won the lottery on that one! So comfy!

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