Decorating with My Latest Craigslist Find

by Andrea Cooley

craigslist console tableI've been slowly redecorating the living room for the last 6 months. Eventually I'll take pictures of it all, I promise! It started with a new sofa (which we're loving!), then a new coffee table and end tables. After we got rid of the dark brown sofa (yes, the new sofa is still brown, but I like to call it coffee colored), I was on a mission to get rid of the espresso-finished, matchy, matchy tables we bought when we were first married.

The latest addition is this console table. Isn't it springy!? I'm loving the "grellow" color and how it pops against the walls. Yes, the leaning shelves on either side are still espresso, but I can live with that.

sofa-tableHere's a reminder of what the old sofa table looked like. It matched the coffee table and end table and had a rounded front that I now realize I didn't like. Funny how you don't notice things until they aren't there anymore!

grellow entry tableI gave myself a budget of $150 for a console table, hoping to find something for less. I started my search online at some of my go-to spots like Target, World Market, Wayfair, and Home Decorators. I found a few that I liked, but most were out of my price range. Then I turned to craigslist.

I wasn't in a huge rush to find something, which is a good thing. It probably took at least a month for me to find this table on craigslist. That's the thing about craigslist. You can find great things, but you have to be patient (something I'm not always good at)!

Once I had the table, I knew I wanted to update the artwork. I've rotated calendar art out of the black frames since before we lived in this house. And now that they aren't in the living room, they will probably find their home in another room.

I saved my Rifle Paper Co. calendar from last year, just waiting for the right place to hang some of the prints. (If you aren't familiar with Rifle, everything they do is GORGEOUS. Stop reading and go check out their website! They have watercolors and letterpress prints and cards and of course, my favorite, calendars.

I narrowed the 12 months down to my favorite 4 and trimmed them to fit the frames ($5 each from Michaels!) Aren't they lovely?

calendar printsI use the basket on the table to collect mail. Usually it's full by the end of the week and I empty it and fill it again! As long as it keeps it from piling up on the dining room table, I'm happy!

pink flowering spring branchesThe flowering branches are from Trader Joe's. I'm hoping they last for a few weeks. I don't shop there regularly, but when I do I usually come home with fresh flowers. I can't resist!

flowering branches and sphereI'm hoping to share a quick tutorial on how to make the wood sphere next week. It's super easy!

grellow entry table_2I got the lamp on sale at Target (where else?). This end of the living room is kind of dark, especially on dreary days, so it's nice to add a little light.

grellow entry table_1I know I've said this before, but I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable with my decorating style. It's a process for sure, but it's worth it! This little area is "me". From the pop of color in the table, the girly prints, fresh blooms, and natural finishes, it just works!


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Andrea Cooley

  1. Love the console table! Did it come in that color? What a find!

    Funny story about being tired and uncomprehending: I saw your "home" sign and thought to myself "I wonder what "ho me" stands for?" Drrr….

  2. Andrea! This is looking great! So pretty and fresh for the season :)

  3. This looks awesome! And so you. It's girly and colorful but streamlined and natural. I can't wait to see the rest of your living room.

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