DIY Baby Boy Onesies

by Andrea Cooley

DIY Baby Boy Onesie Applique1Does anyone else feel like everyone they know is having a baby boy in the next couple months? Maybe it’s just because Laura and I are both having baby boys, but it seems like there’s something in the water, and almost everyone I know who is pregnant is having a boy! I’m happy to know our little guy will have lots of buddies.

Before Emerson was born, a dear friend threw me a baby shower and everyone made super cute applique onesies. I will reuse most of them for the new little guy, but I wanted to make him some of his own.

I decided it’s much more fun to craft with friends! So I picked up a bunch of onesies in various sizes and invited Laura and another friend Kelly over to craft. We were saying maybe we would make one or two on our own, but when you have company, it’s easy to finish 4 or 5 in an hour or two.

DIY Baby Boy Onesie Applique_2As you can see, we are going to have some well-dressed little guys. I especially love the bow-ties and rockets! Here are a bunch of animal templates from Martha Stewart. I’m not an artist, so I need something to trace, but you can always freehand a design!

I found a bunch of patterns and ideas on Pinterest and pulled out all my fabric. Then we traced and cut and ironed.

I recommend pre-washing the fabric and the onesies. I used Heat ‘N Bond Iron-On Adhesive from Joann’s. You don’t have to stitch around the edges, but after multiple washes, the edges will start to pull away from the onesie a little. I like to do a running stitch around the edges. It’s an easy project to do while catching up on the Bachelorette! I know some people use their sewing machine, but that seems like too much work to me!

summer baby boysHow cute are these mama’s to be? Laura’s and Kelly’s are due a day apart at the end of July and I’m close behind them in August. We all have toddlers already, so it was fun to see our kiddos run around the backyard over Memorial Day and think how different the scene will be next year!

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