DIY Olympic Rings

DIY Olympic Rings

by Andrea Cooley

DIY Olympic RingsI promise, this is my last post about the Olympics! But I couldn’t resist sharing the Olympic Rings that I made out of foam pipe wrap and electrical tape.DIY Olympic RingsI used two 1/2″ by 6′ pieces of foam wrap and cut them into 24″ pieces. As you can see, the rings aren’t perfectly round, so I might recommend cutting the pieces to 30″ inches. Then I wrapped them with electrical tape. I found it was easier to wrap the pieces in the colored tape before joining the ends with duct tape. Then cover the duct tape with electrical tape and connect the rings with packing tape.

All in all, I think I made them for under $10. Not bad for a quick project. And you know I’ll be saving them for future Olympics!

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Andrea Cooley

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