Easy doily decor

Not Your Grandma’s Doilies

by laura.johnson

doily decor

Secretly I long to be a person who has all of her socks folded, cupboards organized, and inbox well managed.  As we all know part of becoming an adult is the process of learning we who are but more importantly who we are not. And I am not an organized sock drawer type of gal.

Yet, one of my favorite features of our darling old apartment are the beautiful glass door cabinets that separate the kitchen and the dining area. It’s a wonderful place to store and display all of our wedding dishes as well as the great dishes finds that have come our way. However, as much as I try, these cabinets are always a jumbled mess. When we first moved in I did the old wax paper as frosted glass trick on some of the more high-use shelves. Soon all of the shelves became ‘high use shelves’ and we were back to the old jumbled mess look again.

Que Paper Doilies & Craft Paint

painting paper doiliesI watered down the craft paint just a touch and brushed over the doilies with a 2-inch sponge brush,

painted doiliesLet ’em dry

And arranged them on the inside of the cabinet using scotch tape through the lace patterned edge.

And voila, not your grandmothers doily decoration (no offense G’ma).

Now I must admit, I think I’m pushing the envelope a little as far a girly decoration goes, but as always, I figure I can just add a Batman figurine to the picture to up the man count by 100%.

See, not too girly now!

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  1. I like the idea of Batman protecting the china!

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