Doing the Furniture Shuffle

by laura.johnson

I tell you my friends, there is no faster, easier, or cheaper way to give a room a whole new look than simply shuffling around a few big pieces of furniture. (I bet you thought this post was going to be about the a new dance craze)

I mentioned we had done the ‘ol furniture shuffle in our bedroom as one of our ‘getting ready for company’ projects.  Not so sure why I felt it must be done then, but it was a fun Saturday afternoon endeavor with the husband, and oh so rewarding to show off to our company. Here was our room before.  The picture followed by the layout.

It was a decent use of space and a natural placement for the bed, right as you walk in the room. Maybe that’s what had me itching for a change, it was all too ‘expected’.  His and her’s night stands, a little storage, and a window to catch the summer breeze. It was functional, but not all that fun.

After trying a few different options, here is what we’ve come up with the photo and the room layout:

What a difference, right?  Ok maybe the photos don’t do it justice, but baby it makes a big difference.  For the first few days Cody and I would find excuses to walk into our room just to enjoy the upgraded view!

Here are a few other ‘upgrades’ we did while we had our room torn apart.

We switched out an old particle board shelving unit for Grandma Bearnice’s barrister bookcase Cody inherited last year.  A perfect dressing table made even better with the memories it brings.

Added the cedar chest at the foot of the bed.  One of Cody’s hand-crafted creations, he’s always wanted to have it at the foot of his bed, but alas life in your mid twenties brings small budgets thus small bedrooms.

A side perk is that both of these pieces had been residing in our living room, so this little afternoon switch up gave us a more spacious feeling throughout our home.

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  1. So cute Laura! I wish our bedroom had space for a trunk at the foot of the bed, but alas, our guest room gets it to house their bath linens…I’m jealous of my own guest room! lol.

  2. Love it! I’ll look forward to seeing it in person someday soon:)

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