Duvet Hunting

by laura.johnson

As soon as we put the fresh white duvet cover from our wedding registry on our bed, we knew we were not people that could live in all this whiteness. Eek too scary! We packaged it up returned it, promising that as soon as we found duvet we both liked and could live with, we’d buy it.

As it turns out I’m a woman who loves style, color, pattern, and is not a afraid of a little flourish. My husband, is a rock, solid man, and he loves, well me, but prefers his bedding to be simple, subtle, solid maybe a texture at most. No wonder we’re having trouble finding something we both like.

Here are my choices:

Casablanca Coverlet by Dwell studio for Target

Lyndsay Paisley, Pottery Barn

Mosaic Tile Duvet, West Elm

Andalucia Duvet by Dwell Studio for Target

I’m only guessing, but here are Cody’s choices:

DIY Terry Cloth Comforter – what can I say, he really loved our new towels!

Damask Stripe, Target

Taylor Cargo with Batman shams from PB Kids.

Ok, Cody didn’t really pick this one out. I didn’t even show it to him, he would have been just too tempted.

See why this was taking longer than expected?

Finally Cody’s answers became ‘I could live with that one’ which is an answer I couldn’t live with. I wanted him to feel comfortable in our space together, not just like a resident surrounded by the items I adored.

So what is a couple to do? Well, we’ve been sleeping with our picnic blanket as our cover up for the last year and a half, that is until last weekend. I’ll share more details tomorrow!

psst for those of you who are wondering the supremely white duvet up top is from West Elm. Delightful, simple, yet not so livable.

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  1. I am pretty happy we didn’t end up with those, except the last one.

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