EAB+Des Moines Register = LOVE

by laura.johnson

Pardon my cheesy 3rd grader excitement, but I must tell you we are thrilled, overjoyed, ecstatic to be the one of Des Moines Registers’ featured bloggers. As if it wasn’t enough to be featured by an award-winning newspaper but to be placed among such clever crafty bloggers like, Jen Renee and Iowa Girl Eats, it’s enough to make this girl swoon. sigh.

So those of you that are joining us we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite post over the last few months.

Front Door: Andrea & Adam

Front Door: Laura & Cody

Redecorating for Free

Merlot Pairs Nicely with Humble Pie

Paring Down: My Closet

Sunday Afternoons

For the Love of a Ping Pong Table

Setting the Table- Round II

Fabulous Find: Vintage Dishes

See a trend?  Yep, we love our men, our homes and have a serious weak spot for anything pretty. Don’t be shy we’d love to hear from you too! What has caught your eye this winter? Any projects in the works? Love to show off your abode? Drop us a line at info.everafterblueprint@gmail.com


Laura & Andrea

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  1. You’ve officially made it in the blog world when you’ve made it on a “featured bloggers” list! Congratulations!

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