Easy Breezy Cafe Curtains

by laura.johnson

We all have our odd preferences, and when you think about home design and decorating as much as I do these strong preferences crop up in odd places like curtains.  For years I’ve been a stickler for the high, wide, long luxurious look, like this from Elle Decor

Or this from Better Homes and Gardens

And of course Andrea and I emailed back and forth about long flowing curtains more than any two people should while she was searching for these beauties she eventually made.

So it’s taken me by surprise recently that I’ve been flirting more and more with the idea of sweet short cafe curtains! Of course it’s always a favorite look for those oh so functional areas like above the kitchen sink.( image via Calico Curtains)

Recently cafe curtains have been catching my eye in breathtaking yet unexpected places like this beautiful bathroom. (source unknown)

Or this eloquent living area. (image via Phoebe Howard)

Now I’m on hot on the look out for ways I could incorporate this unexpected beauties! How about you, any trend that has taken you by surprise these days?

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  1. I *love* cafe curtains. Hubs didn’t like them so much so we compromised when I made the curtains for our kitchen (http://thisdiylife.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/the-great-debate/)

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