Magnetic cork planters

Easy Succulent Cork Planters

by Andrea Cooley

DIY magnetic cork succulent plantersWe don’t spend a lot of time promoting our blog or growing it right now. With the exception of a few sponsored posts, it’s a hobby and a place we share our home projects and offer encouragement about marriage. We love getting comments and connecting with other bloggers, but for now it’s neither of our number 1 priorities. Let’s be honest, lately we’ve been spending less time blogging and more time chasing kids around!

Anyway, it’s always interesting to look at Google Analytics and see what people are reading. Our most popular post by far is one that Laura wrote while she was on bed rest about tiny succulent cork planters. The post has been pinned and repinned thousands of times, and even more than a year after it was written, it’s still our most-viewed post!

I decided it was high time to recreate this little project and see if it worked and if it was really as easy as it looked. The answer is yes to both!

DIY magnetic cork succulent planters materialsI have a bunch of succulents lined up along the window in the back of our house. One of them sprouted a baby succulent, which was the perfect size for a cork planter. I always try to save real wine corks (so many are plastic now!), so I pulled out a cork and a magnet and was ready to get started!

wine cork planter First, I hot glued a magnet to the back of the cork. Then, I drilled a hole in the cork. I only drilled about half way down. Then, I took a pinch of dirt from one of my pots and put it in the cork. I put the root of the baby succulent into the hole and added enough dirt to hold it in. You barely need any dirt! I dripped a few drops of water on it and put it on the fridge. It was so quick and easy, I decided I needed to make two more. I didn’t want my succulent to be lonely! DIY magnetic cork succulent plantersI snipped a few pieces off one of my jade plants and repeated the process. Gluing the magnet, drilling the hole, adding dirt and the succulent and a few drops of water. I even changed things up a bit and cut one of the corks in half!

DIY magnetic cork succulent plantersSo far they are looking good! It’s been a few weeks and I’ve only watered them once, but they seem to be surviving. Now I understand why it’s such a popular project!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Can you simply just plant the seed in the cork?

  2. Andrea, may I use an image of the planters on a company blog for cubicle decorations? I will certainly link back to you and give full credit to your blog.
    Thank you!

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