Wood shim wreath

Easy Shim Wreath

by Andrea Cooley

I’ll be honest. There hasn’t been a lot of holiday decorating or crafting going on in the Cooley house. We’ll be doing good to get a Christmas tree and stockings this year! I figure Emerson won’t remember this year anyway, right? Good thing I have projects from last Christmas that I never shared!

Wood shim wreathThis picture is from last year. I wish I could snap my fingers and have our mantel look like that now! I’ve gotten as far as hanging the wreath and getting out the book projects (hopefully I’ll post how-to later this week).

What I can do is show you how easy it is to make the rustic shim wreath. All you need is a pack of wood shims, stain, and wood glue!

Stain 18 shims with a rag or brush. And unless you’re really careful, I recommend having mineral spirits (I got mine at Ace Hardware) to wash your hands with. I learned this the hard way after my hands looked like I had a run-in with a bottle of self-tanner and lost. Scrubbing with soap and water doesn’t help. Believe me, I tried!Wood shim wreathAfter the shims are stained (I did 2 coats) lay them in a circle.

Wood shim wreathThen glue another layer of shims around the circle.

I used paint cans and hold the shims down while the glue dried, but if you have clamps, they would probably work better! Adam wanted to figure out a way to make the wreath sturdier with a support on the back, but I just wanted to hang it. Ours is still in one piece a year later, so I say that’s pretty good!

I love how simple it is! Has anyone else made something cool with wood shims?

Wanna see a slew of fully decorated, beautiful, and inspiring mantels? Check out the link party over at The Lettered Cottage!

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