Embroidery hoop sphere

Embroidery hoop sphere

by Andrea Cooley

embroidery hoop sphere 3You got a sneak peak at my latest sphere when I showed you my craigslist console table last week. Now I’ll show you how simple it is to make!

veneer sphereDoes anyone remember this veneer sphere I made awhile back? It’s moved around the house from the mantel, to the console table, to the guest room. I liked how it turned out, but then I saw a similar sphere made out of embroidery hoops on Pinterest (along with tons of variations) and had to try it.

embroidery hoopsI had a stack of embroidery hoops that I found at a garage sale that I wasn’t using and started experimenting with different spheres. First I tried using 4 hoops, but I think I like it with only 3 better.

I liked the natural finish and didn’t really feel like staining them. Then I thought it would be fun to add a pop of color to the inside. I grabbed some craft paint and a brush and started painting during one of Emerson’s naps. There’s something so therapeutic about painting, even if it’s just a small project!

embroidery hoop sphere 2

Slide two hoops over each other. They have some give to them, but it is a tight fit. I didn’t glue them together, so if Emerson gets a wild hair and decides to play with the sphere, it falls apart, but it’s easy to put back together.

embroidery hoop sphereThe slide a third hoop over the first two. You can crisscross all three together, or intersect the third hoop around the middle if that makes sense.

And that’s it! How easy is that? Has anyone else done fun things with embroidery hoops? Check back Friday for more embroidery hoop ideas.

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