Fabulous Find: Sofa & Chair

by laura.johnson

Some of the best finds appear when you are simply looking for nothing at all. Like this beauty for instance. I happened to drop into the local Salvation Army with a friend one day last fall.  (Are you shocked I kept this awesome secret this long?) We weren’t looking for anything in particular just a little mental exercise in dreaming up what could be, a wedding dress turned into a bridal veil, a sewing chest converted into a dressing table…

We rounded the corner and there she was, the elusive white whale for this Danish Modern heart. A striking wood framed mid century sofa and chair in a sweet green tweed. Oh be still my beating heart, she was PERFECT!  I of course ran over to better drink up its sweet vintage charm!  My head was spinning with delight, it would match our spring green walls, the leggy open frame would not seem too big in our place, and it’s just quirky enough that even Cody would love it!

The frame and cushions were in near perfect shape, and the made in Denmark emblem, oh so sweet!  As far as construction and comfort the chair had the original straps in great condition, and the sofa, well the sofa was being supported by a board, but I could change that.

But the fact was, we had Cody’s futon. We didn’t need another sofa and chair.  So I sat in the chair, looking longingly at the sofa a some time. Cody was at work, and I knew that this stunning pair would be gone by the time we would be the able to come look at it together.  I sat thinking of ways to bring home this sweet set, finally I concluded that if Cody hated it, I could always sell it, even at a profit.  After all, the price tag on this gem, $100 for both.

We were able to carry out the chair with us and I surprised Cody when he got home that night. Just as I expected he loved it.  Then I told him there was a sofa to match, and that I bought it, he did not love that news.  And of course he was disappointed I let my greed and selfishness overcome me in the moment and hadn’t considered Cody would have liked to make this choice together.

In our vows of marriage we promised to ‘forsake all others’ even when they are a beautiful vintage sofa and chair for a crazy low price.  I had not done that.  I should have spotted the trouble a mile away, the over zealous longing, the rationalization, I had convinced myself to snatch it up.  However if my mind would not have been delirious with possibilities I knew I should trust the Lord and my husband, but in the moment I acted not thought.

In the months we’ve owned this pair I’ve offered to sell them several times, but Cody won’t let me. He likes them and has long forgotten the error of my ways.  It has changed how I look at the ever tempting ‘good deal’ though.  I’ve stopped thinking I must get it now, and started to focus more on our needs, my husbands insight, and trusting that we will always be well provided for, after all check out the the flowers of the field.  They seem to have some pretty sweet digs.


photo credit: Scott Dunkle via Flicker

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  1. It’s easy to forget that “forsaking all others” doesn’t just mean other people but any *thing* that might come between you and your spouse–fabulous thrifting finds notwithstanding! I too struggle with saying ‘no’ to a good deal, but this is such a wonderful reminder that there’s more to consider than just the price or my anxiety over missing out on a great new piece. I love the idea of re-framing the question in terms of what WE need, what WE want, and what GOD will provide–it gives a sense of peace that it’s OK to walk away, no matter how great a deal I might convince myself it is! Thanks for this reminder :)

    • laura.johnson July 7, 2011 at 2:57 pm

      Thanks for dropping by and chiming in with such beautiful perspective. Amen sister amen!

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