Fabulous Find: Vintage Dishes

by laura.johnson

Oh my heart still goes pitter patter when I see these beauties in our kitchen cupboards.  I find it hard to believe I about passed up on these delightful dishes!  In case you missed the story the first time let me recap for you.

When we got married we registered for simple white dishes knowing that as we found great vintage accessory pieces we’d pick up a casserole dish here, a sugar bowl there and they would look great with our wedding dishes. In my mind, our table would be like a scrapbook of our adventures together. (Can you tell I’m a romantic?)

I stumbled upon a beautiful set of dishes, with its accompanying serving pieces! There was a casserole dish, large platter, small platter, bowls, you name it. However, they must be sold as a set only, all 80-something pieces together. Trust me, I tried my sales-girl logic, there was no budging on that matter.  I walked away, strolled through the store contemplating if I really needed them, before I knew it, I was standing in front of those vexing vintage dishes again. I finally gave in, after all $15 wasn’t too much to pay for the dishes of my dreams.   We started carting them to the front of the store, even with stacks dangerously high it still took us four trips!

With the beautiful platter sitting on our kitchen table I have to fight off the temptation to keep them all, but in the end I remind myself, ’tis a gift to be simple.

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  1. Love ’em! (And your embroidered table runner!)

    I recently found 2 huge serving platters at a garage sale (for $1 each!) that match my antique milk glass brunch plates and tea cups. Perfect for my next party… or baby shower- hint hint. ; )

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