Fall Color

by Andrea Cooley

Fall leavesSomehow I always forget how rainy November is. Tuesday was a wash out. I holed up in a coffee shop working all afternoon, but today, the sun is shining and the air is crisp. It's almost too cold to go for a walk, but I'm OK bundling up and enjoying the sunshine while I can before the temperature dips below freezing.

baby in the leaves

Emerson loves being outside. Sometimes I hand him a leaf or stick to play with in the stroller, but otherwise he's pretty content to look for puppies and squirrels and babble away. I never get tired of hearing his sweet little voice. I can't wait until we can have a real conversation, but for now I'll settle for his ba-ba-bas and ma-ma-mas and the occasional dinosaur roar (does anyone else think their child sounds more like an animal than a human most days!?)

The sidewalks are covered with a carpet of leaves that we crunch through. As soon as they are raked up more fall. It's like walking in a multi-color snow globe.  yellow and red leaves

I can't help but stop and take pictures of the leaves. (what did we do before we could take pictures with our phones?) I'm particularly fond of the bright red trees. The ones with leaves that are so dark they almost look purple in the right light. It's hard to remember that only a few short weeks ago they were full and green. Now they swirl through the air and blanket the ground, showing off one last time before they are raked up and put in bags.

sunlight through treesAnd then there are the golden yellow leaves glowing under a clear blue sky. Does it get any prettier? I know I will say the same thing when the bare branches are frosted with snowflakes and again in the spring when the first whisper of buds appear, but it's just so beautiful!

*several of these pictures are from my instagram feed. You can follow along here!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I love this post!  I am exactly the same way!  Even only there was more time in the day to enjoy being outside and taking pictures of it all!  My nephew I take care of loves being outside and going on walks and hikes.  It is so enjoyable to see them enjoy nature and take it all in!  You are going to have fun conversations with your little guy in no time about it! :)

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