Fall Mantel

by Andrea Cooley

Friday was the first day of fall, so I thought a little mantel decorating was in order. Now, you’ve seen my mantel here and here, but it’s been awhile since I’ve done anything with it. I love displaying the lovely Penguin classics, but I was ready for a change.

So, when I was at my neighborhood Tar-get last weekend and saw these rustic candlesticks, 3 of them “jumped” into my cart, and my fall mantel was on it’s way. Luckily Adam has gotten used to me coming home from a “quick” trip to Target for toothpaste and tissues and ending up with curtains and candlesticks. Does anyone else marvel at the wonderful things they can find at Target? It can be a dangerous place! I usually try not to go after 8 p.m. or I end up wandering around aimlessly sifting through the clearance racks for things I definitely don’t need, but can’t pass up when they’re $2.99!

Along with the candlesticks I also nabbed two pretty little vases and filled out the rest with things I already had around the house. This little painting is one of my favorite things in the living room. It’s by a local artist of rolling Iowa farmland. It reminds me of the landscape along I-80 that we drive by on our way to Cedar Rapids.

These my friends, are buckeyes. They are little treasures! You find them in the fall. I’m not really sure what the trees look like, but I know where a few are in Des Moines, and usually try to gather a few every year. Aren’t they pretty?

I also like to collect acorns (I’m starting to sound like a squirrel! But I learned to collect little nature treasures like this from my mom). It’s hard to find ones with the caps still on them, so these ones are extra special. Most of the 1000s of them that are in our yard are already half-chewed, so when I find one with a lid I get excited!

Ta-Dahhh! What do you think? I love how it came together. I’ll probably end up adding more acorns or maybe scatter some pretty leaves around it before the end of the season.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Yay for Fall! πŸ˜€
    Love your vases, and acorns, and candle holders!!!
    Thanks for partyin’ with us!

  2. I love the natural elements! So simple and elegant. I’ve been thinking I need to pick up acorns from the trees outside… Why spend money on seasonal decor when Mother Nature’s version is always so much better?! And yes, Target is a dangerous place for me as well :)

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