Faux or No?

by Andrea Cooley

Usually I’m not a fan of fake flowers. I guess I’m a natural kind of girl. And I’m picky. If I can tell they’re fake, I don’t want them.

So why did I spend a good 10 minutes standing in the fake flower section of Hobby Lobby today? Because I’m too cheap to always buy fresh flowers (though the $5 grocery store bouquet is totally worth the splurge on occasion) and I think there’s a clause in my “no fake flowers” rule that says flowering branches are OK. What do you think?

Granted this bouquet was more than $5 (with the vase, it was more like $17, even with the flowers 50% off). But I figure I can enjoy these for a lot longer!

When I proudly ask Adam to come see my new arrangement, his response from the computer is, what? He doesn’t even notice that I’ve been arranging things. But like the good husband he is, he got up and quickly praised the lovely new display. I also changed out the prints above the table. They are from several Snow & Graham calendars I’ve had. They’re my favorite seasonal update!

And yes, those are our Valentine’s cards on the table. I like them too much to put them away!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Awww, love the new arrangement!! Very spring-y!

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