Feeling Fishy

by laura.johnson

Some people are cat people, some prefer their canine counterpart, but Cody and I could pass on either.  Don’t get me wrong, we like four legged friends just fine. Cody will often find a dog to play with when we are out in the courtyard.  But while he likes dogs, his favorite will always be, a dog that belongs to someone else.

However, we do have a strong weakness for our fine finned friends.  After all, they are kinda like the succulent/ air plant version in the pet world.  They do great if you give them a pretty place to live and feed them a couple times a week.  Done and done.

This is our tank, and admittedly, Cody kinda struck gold when he came across this old TV set in a thrift shop years before we met. Now you must be thinking gutting a old television is no easy task, and I promise tomorrow I’ll share as much of the how-to process as I can muster, but for now back to the story.

Even though this beauty caught his eye from across the room, the $70 price tag had him a little reluctant to pull the trigger. Looking for a way to skim a little off the price he plugged the old rustic set in to ensure it was still in good working order, flipped the old switch… nothing.  Since the television set was only a little more than a beautiful large paper weight he asked if they’d be willing to sell it for half price. The said yes! He gladly handed over the money and loaded up his sweet score.

Cody took the whole TV back to his dad’s shop and worked over holidays and weekends converting it into a stunningly quirky fish tank.  And over all the project was a huge success, yes it had a few flaws, i.e. the lights would only come on for 60 minutes at a time, and the filter was far too loud to have a conversation anywhere in the nearby vicinity, however, he enjoyed having fish in it until he decided to pack his bags and move to Michigan.  Any of you who have made a cross-country journey know too well the painful “to pack or to store” game.  And since a fish tank wasn’t a place to sleep, sit or work, it fell into the storage pile.

Life moved on, Cody started a new job, met a beautiful girl (yep that’s me), convinced said girl to move across the country as well, found himself a sweet little apartment, and on our first trip back for the holidays together we loaded up his TV fish tank and brought it back to Michigan. Unlike before, this time setting it up he was armed with the lessons he had learned before and a girlfriend who was eager and willing to help along the way.

It was the first home-like project we tackled together, and of course there were moments of frustration, but through the process we learned so much about how each other works, thinks and reacts in stressful situations.  So yes, our fish tank is beautiful, it’s often the first thing people comment on when walking into the room, however to me it serves as a reminder that we are better as a team working together toward a common goal. And when that happens, the result will always be breathtaking.

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  1. that is crazy cool!! kudos to you for pulling it off!

  2. Actually I only paid $20 for the tank… and then felt bad years later when I realized I may have not let the tubes warm up and it may have worked after all.

  3. fantastic! I think my apartment is missing a little fishy fun :)

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