Find of the Mid-Century

by laura.johnson

Saginaw is a thrift store gold mine! Especially if your tastes run slightly ahead (or way behind) the curve. I have a major soft spot for mid century design, especially anything Danish, oh my heart just skips a beat!

I’ve scored many a good find, and this sweet night stand definitely is among the best. I spotted it when hunting with a good friend. Launching into my typical series of excited reactions, squeal of delight, followed by a clutching of my chest and topped off with an overly dramatic sigh of angst, for the question that was about to come. Do I need it?

I thought long and hard, yet I couldn’t justify bringing it home with me. In my opinion it doesn’t matter how good of a deal it is (in this case $10), it’s still $10 too much if it’s not something you need. So we walked out of the store leaving my little guy behind.

Upon coming home and talking with Cody, he agreed with me, we had enough furniture, and unless we were willing to get rid of something it wasn’t worth just filling our home. But weeks later I was still thinking about that blasted nightstand. So I made a deal with myself, if it was still there, I’d trade in one of the tables we were using for this Danish modern delight.

You can guess the rest of the story. Yes the stand was still there, and they had even marked it down to $4 instead of the oh-so-pricey $10 it was earlier. I swooped it up, brought it home, and set it in place. Of course as soon as Cody saw it, he too did the man version of swooning. He said ‘oh how nice’ and walked into the other room.

** curious about that beautiful headboard? I made it, maybe one day I’ll let you in on my crafty secrets…

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