Find of the weekend

by laura.johnson

I am currently the happiest girl this side of the Mississippi, check out my latest find.

Armed the coffee, sunscreen, and dollar bills a friend and I  hit the garage sales early last Saturday, and baby did it ever pay off.  Below is our loot in the back of my Matrix, thank heaven for hatch backs!

In case you can’t make out all of the treasures here’s a quick over view:

  • 6 chairs
  • 2 trunks
  • annuals
  • perennials
  • pots to accompany
  • jewelsand gems of kinds

But the fairest find of them all: our new dining room table.  Look at her in her natural habitat, she actually wasn’t truly for sale.  But after my sly inquiry the garage sale hostess told me to name my price, WHAT?  I tried to mask my giddy excitement I as flug a low ball offer of $10, to my surprise she accepted!   Crap.  I was secretly hoping she’d only accept $400+ so that my decision would be easily, no way.  Now I needed to call my husband and do a little explaining.

See I have been in love with the iconic Knoll Saarinen (above) dining table for years now.  I’ve even owned the wobbly Ikea knock off, but that was left behind in our grand move across the country.

When we got married Cody had a table and 6 chairs, they had great style and shape, sure they were a ways off from ‘ol Knoll but we could ‘make it work’.


My plans for the summer was to spruce up the table a little, give the chairs a good facelift, and surprise you with shocking before and after photos.  Well that all changed Saturday morning.  Once I got a hold of Cody and ran the details of the deal by him he said, ‘your dream table for $10 you should buy that now!’  So she came home with us.  Look doesn’t she look darling?

The stunning steel and white tulip base with the small round top is the perfect fit for our kitchen and in the future when/if we need something bigger, we’ll simply slip a larger top on her and fit up to 6 with ease.

If the silhouette wasn’t enough to win you over, don’t you just adore the crowns in the laminate top?  Precious!  Not to do something about those chairs….

What was your best find of the weekend?




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  1. She’s a beaut, Laura! A great fit for your space and for such a ridiculous deal!

  2. I’m so excited about this table!!!

  3. Beautiful mid-century modern table. I’d be interested to know more about it. I’ve never see another like it. You are indeed a lucky girl! Enjoy.

  4. i love that silver in the base, it really makes it different than any other table like that i’ve seen. good for you for inquiring about it! i snagged a not for sale table from our yard sale…it was my MIL’s that she had out…and i stole it and hid it for me. popping over from the nesters.

  5. THAT TABLE!!!! AWESOME sauce!

  6. WOW!! so jealous! I too love those tables and have been on the lookout for one for my lil sisters new apt.! great find girl!!

  7. I’m shocked that she took $10 for that! That is seriously one of the best finds I’ve seen. I love how it looks in your room, amazing! You are 1 lucky gal.


    new follower!

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