Finding Beauty

by Andrea Cooley

This little vignette is on the dresser in our bedroom. It’s one of those things that slowly evolved over time. Isn’t that how most of your favorite things in your house are? The gallery wall that you collected for years, the dishes in your cupboards, the books on your shelves. And even though no one really sees it but me and Adam since it’s in our bedroom, it makes me happy!

I remember when Adam and I were first married and starting to decorate our apartment, I didn’t think it would ever feel like home! My mom gave me some advice that I’ve held onto because it’s so true. It takes time to create a home. One of the things my mom’s house is that there is a story behind the things on the walls and shelves and mantels in the house and it takes time to get there. As much as I wanted our apartment to be put together the first week we were married it wasn’t possible! Not only were we combining all our worldly goods, but more importantly we were starting our lives together and that meant empty picture frames and mismatched furniture.

The individual pieces of this vignette wouldn’t be much to look at: a tray of jewelry, a couple picture frames, a vase of flowers, and a figurine. But each of them has a special place in my heart, and together they create a beautiful little moment.

The big frame is a screen print that says “Find beauty in every little thing.” I love that simple phrase and want to live my life looking for beauty everywhere.

The other two picture frames are of some of my favorite girls. If you look closely you can see Laura in the one on the left and another dear friend in one of their tiny LA apartments. The other one is of me and my sister at the International Rose Garden in Portland. The frames are both from Target. You can never have too many girly frames, right?

The Hummel has a special place in my heart because it was my late grandma’s. When she passed away, it was one of the treasures I got to have from her collection.

The jewelry tray is more practical than anything! I’m much more likely to grab a bracelet when they’re sitting out than if I have to search for them.

I’m not sure where the flowers and the green vases came from, but they work!

Sorry for the dark photos. The lighting is terrible in our bedroom!

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Andrea Cooley

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