framing vintage maps

Framing Vintage Maps

by Andrea Cooley

framing vintage maps
We didn’t do a lot of shopping while we were in London and Italy earlier this summer (I especially had to restrain myself in Florence and Rome!) but we did want to bring home a few things to remind us of our trip. When we were in London, we wandered around Nottinghill on a Sunday afternoon and browsed through lots of little antique stands. We ended up chatting with one man for quite awhile–he asked all kinds of questions about what winters were like in the Midwest and I was charmed by his British accent–and digging through his collection of antique maps.

I’ve seen lots of people decorating with maps and what better way to hop on the bandwagon than with maps from our trip of a lifetime? We came home with one of Italy and one of the United States. They’re both over 100 years old! They aren’t in perfect condition, but I kind of love that they’re faded worn. Anyone can take a map out of an atlas and frame it, these maps have a history!

Remember these frames I posted about a few weeks ago? They are now the proud holders of our maps, but not without a little TLC.

I took the maps and the frames to Michael’s to get mattes. Side note: mattes are expensive! And of course they aren’t included in framing discounts at Michael’s–you have to buy a custom frame (even more expensive) for mattes to be discounted.

Of course I didn’t realize I needed glass and some kind of cardboard back for the frames until I got home from Michael’s. Good thing I had to go back to pick up the mattes when they were done!

Once we had the mattes, glass, cardboard, and glazier points (to hold the cardboard to the frame) it was pretty simple to put the frames together and hang them!

glazier pointsThese are glazier points. I didn’t know what they were until we asked how to hold the cardboard to the back of the frame. You can find them at a Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Use a flat head screwdriver to push the glazier point into the frame. We probably put in 8-12 for each frame.

glazier points
One more shot of the glazier point (it took us a while to figure out how to use them, so hopefully this help!).

And finally, the maps!

framing vintage maps

framing vintage maps

I love that little corner now. We didn’t have anything hung there before, and now it’s the perfect little reading nook!

Sorry for the glare, like I’ve said before, I’m not a professional photographer!

What are your favorite trip souvenirs?

Check back tomorrow for more ideas for decorating with maps!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Favorite trip souvenirs…hmm…we’re starting to collect wine from different trips we take. So far, we have some bottles of white from Tuscany, Italy and a few bottles from Amana, Iowa. Totally different places but wonderful tastes! Now to find the right wine bottle holder for our kitchen wall…any suggestions? :)

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