Fresh Look for the New Year

by Andrea Cooley

Usually I wait until January 1 to take down the Christmas decorations, but I was off work all week and ready to get the house back to normal! There’s something so satisfying about filling up our plastic tubs and hauling them back to the basement. I don’t love the needles though! Good thing I have a good vacuum, and now it smells like fresh pine every time I sweep. I got busy vacuuming while Adam chopped up the tree and put it in our compost bin.
Isn’t it amazing that the whole tree fit in our compost bin, with room to spare!

You got a peek at our new furniture arrangement when you saw our Christmas tree. It’s amazing how much bigger the room feels without a 6-foot tree in it! I’m not settled on this new arrangement, I think I’ll probably end up moving the table in between the chairs. Or maybe we’ll go back to having the couch across from the fireplace. Gotta love how much rearranging the furniture can freshen up a room!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? I don’t usually make them, but I think in general my goal for 2012 is to slow down and try to enjoy the things I do instead of rushing on to the next item on my to-do list. That means there may be fewer posts, but hopefully they’ll be more meaningful! I was so encouraged to read what Melissa’s learned about blogging in the last year for The Inspired Room and to know that we aren’t the only ones still trying to figure out what we’re doing.

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Andrea Cooley

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