Friday Favorites

by Andrea Cooley

tire swing

Dare I say spring is here to stay? I tempted fate and put away all our winter coats, boots, and gear this week. I know there’s always the chance of snow in April, but I sure hope we’re in the clear! And so do the tulips and daffodils and lilacs!

It’s been a long time since I did any kind of round up post, but I’d love to start doing them more regularly! I always think it’s fun to see what other people are reading, eating, listening to, wearing, and doing. And today I’m linking up with Christa’s favorites over at Brown Sugar Toast!

  • I could totally relate to everything Lauren at Oakland Avenue Blog shared about how hard it can be having 2 kids but how awesome it is when you see how much they already love each other.
  • I’ve been listening to a sermon series call A Beautiful Design by Matt Chandler from The Village Church in Dallas. I highly recommend it! It is about the unique roles God created for men and women. My favorites are Woman’s Hurdles and Woman’s Purpose. If you’ve ever struggled with comparison or perfectionism (I struggle with both!) they are well worth a listen! I’ve been listening after the boys are in bed while I do dishes and clean up around the house and my house is cleaner and my heart is challenged.
  • This week we started seriously sleep training/night weaning Foster. The first night was rough. Around 2:50am after he’d been fussing over an hour I was ready to call it quits, but we stayed strong. I know cry it out isn’t for everyone, but I really like the method on Troublesome Tots if you’re interested. We’re not there yet, but hopefully we’re getting close!
  • Now that it’s warm out, my coffee shop drink of choice is Caribou’s sparkling peach tea. I want to try to make it myself with Iowa Girl Eats’ recipe.
  • Emerson is all about trains (or as he says, “choos”) these days, so this is our go-to bedtime book.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend–He is Risen!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Oh, that peach tea sounds delicious! And Steam Train, Dream Train is a favorite of ours too. We’re currently reading Good night, Good night Construction Site. Love that one too!
    Thanks for linking up!! :)

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