Friday Top 5: A year in Review

by laura.johnson

Yes when celebrating anniversaries it’s hard to believe how time flies! On Tuesday Andrea shared some of cool facts from the last year of blogging, but being the sentimental girls we are, we thought we’d share some of our favorites from the last year.  So in no particular order…

1. Kitchen art Who doesn’t love pretty plates hung on the wall?

2. Italy We’ve been back from Italy for close to 5 months, but we still talk about our favorite memories all the time. Seriously, how amazing is that water!? Now if only I could find time to print and frame some of the photos!

  1. The sew-it-yourself duvet cover. After searching high and low for a duvet cover that satisfied my need for a pretty pattern and Cody’s need to feel masculine, I made one!

4. Love stories. When thinking about kicking off our 31 Days of Capturing the Spark series it occurred to us, we’ve yet to share our love stories. Yes we talk about our husbands with quite a bit around here, their sweet moments, their sometimes funny design ideas, and our adventures in making a home together, but it’s always fun to hit rewind and remember those early days of dating.

5. Table Settings We haven’t done mood boards on the blog in a long time, but hopefully we’ll get them in the mix again this year. Because who doesn’t love to look at pretty products?

So now we are dying to know what were your favorite posts of the year, what would like to see more of around here?  And just because we like to draw out the celebration a little bit longer, check back this afternoon for a little anniversary give away!


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  1. I loved the mood board you did for a friend in yellow and grey for her sun room/porch. It inspired me to redo the office!

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