Friday Top 5: Birthday Gifts for Him

by Andrea Cooley

Adam’s birthday was in November (I had to save this post ’til after the fact so I didn’t give away any of my gift ideas!). He can be a tough person to buy for. I joke that I’m easy to shop for. Jewelry, clothes, perfume, shoes, the list goes on and on! These days his wish list seems to include very expensive items, right now a Macbook Pro is at the top of his list. Unfortunately, that’s not in the budget! Instead I got him the Steve Jobs biography. He loved it! Usually he’s not a big reader, but he couldn’t put it down. I think he finished the whole thing in a week. I also made him black forest cherry cupcakes. They turned out amazing if I do say so myself!

Here are a few ideas for your hubby’s next birthday:

1. I think I had an especially hard time coming up with a birthday gift for Adam this year because last year I got him a ping pong table. He still LOVES it! Seriously, if he had his way we’d play every day! Maybe your man doesn’t want a ping pong table, but think of a game or activity you can do together. Just think of it as the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Get him a professional massage. Even guys like to be pampered!

3. Make him something. Knit a hat, crochet a scarf, paint a picture, or cook him a fabulous meal. I always think thoughtful gifts are the most special!

4. Get tickets to a show or concert he wants to see. (Are you noticing a theme? Maybe it’s because my love language is quality time, that the gifts I give tend to revolve around spending time together)

5. Buy a season of his favorite TV series. One year I got Adam Planet Earth. I don’t usually get into the Discovery Channel, but this series is pretty amazing!

What’s the best gift you’ve given your honey? It’s never too early to start thinking of ideas!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. For our first wedding anniversary, I was super sneaky and got Dave a mountain unicycle. I was so excited, I was telling EVERYONE so I would avoid tell him. I have a hard time keeping something that phenomenal to myself. This wouldn’t be a great gift for just anyone, but I knew he’d want it.

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