Friday Top 5: Clockwork

by laura.johnson

It’s that time of year again, when we wake up all groggy for a few days, all in the effort to enjoy the long summer evenings grilling steaks, and sipping tea on the porch. And really isn’t it all worth it?

In light of Daylight Saving Time springing us a head a full hour this week I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite clocks.

1.Kara Paslay DIY Copy Cat of Pottery Barn Clock–  Lovely, lovely, lovely!  I do adore miss Kara’s take on this rustic beauty.

2.Retro Starburst- Of course I couldn’t complete a list like this without a nod to at least one Mid Centurty beauty, and this beauty by Vitra Nelson is defiantly drool worthy.

3.Batman Alarm Clock– Yep I wake up next to this Super Hero every morning, it’s awesome.  This started out as s funny gift from one of Cody’s students, but I must admit it has grown on me. I love how functional it is, always ready with the time and a bat distress signal when ever we need it.(more on that, along with a few favorite alarm clocks here)

4.  Classic Children’s Book Clocks– This is a project we’ve done for our nieces over the years, it’s a great way to cherish our beloved childhood books well after the pages are a little too worn. Full instructions on creating your own literary time piece can be found on

5.Leave it to Ikea to take a great classic like the grandfather clock, update the look, and make it more desirable (and affordable) than before. The PS Pendel has gorgeous mods lines and priced at $199 makes it easy to try one (or three) out in a space.



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