Friday Top 5: Color Blocking Projects

by Andrea Cooley

Color blocking is all the rage these days in fashion and home design. I haven't made any projects yet, but love the look! Here are some of my favorite ideas. Has anyone tried any of them?

1. Wood bowls I love the pop of color on the raw wood bowls. You can buy these for $64 or get wood bowls (like these) and make your own.

2. Table makeover I absolutely love this side table that Erin over at House of Earnest did. It looks like it was dipped in gold!

3. Colorful cutlery These forks and knives are almost too pretty to use! I've also seen lots of wood kitchen utensils that are painted.

4. Pretty, pretty coasters These would make a great housewarming gift. I might have to make extras for myself.

5. Painted pots How easy is this? All you ahve to do is paint plain pots! I think it would also look nice if you left part of the terra cotta showing.

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Thanks for including my table!  I kind of cringe at the lighting in that photo – it was pre-photoshop for me :)
    Love your picks! Those wooden utensils are too cute!

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