Friday Top 5: Crate and Barrel

by Andrea Cooley

Do you ever flip through a catalog and secretly wish you could step into the pages and live in them? That’s how I feel about the latest catalog from Crate and Barrel. I decided that we were ever to totally redo our kitchen, I’d love to have white cabinets and decorate in citrus green, turquoise, and yellow.

1. Tangier dishtowel This is the inspiration for my dream kitchen palette. Isn’t it so pretty!?

2. 5 piece bowls I have red plastic mixing bowls that we got as a wedding gift. They’re fine, but these are so much prettier!

3. Paterson white cabinet I love glass-front cabinet doors. Then you can show off your favorite dishes! I also love the grey and yellow wallpaper.

4. Tavo green vase You can never have too many vases, right?

5. Batik leaves outdoor pillow More palette inspiration. What are your current color crushes?

We’re heading to Minneapolis next weekend to visit friends. I’m definitely hoping to make time to stop at Crate and Barrel (and IKEA and West Elm…)


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Andrea Cooley

  1. michelle allen July 8, 2012 at 8:42 am

    any idea where the grey and yellow wallpaper is sourced?

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