Friday Top 5: Decorating with Books

by Andrea Cooley

If you know me, you know I am a huge reader. I always have at least one book going, usually 2 or 3. I actually just finshed Gone With the Wind tonight, somehow I'd never read it! It was wonderful!

I get a lot of books at the library, or borrow them, but we still have  multiple bookshelves (right now I think there are 4) thoughout the house. And of course we'll need to have one in the baby room, but I digress. If you have lots of books lying around, why not decorate with them? These books aren't on the mantel now, but I'm sure they'll make a return at some point!

Here are 5 more ideas for decorating with books. Or check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration!

1. "Book" shelves Literally! {Real Simple}

2. The Nester has a great collection of decorating with book pages.

3. Book mobile Wouldn't this be fun in a nursery? {more design please}

4. Hanging books What a dreamy setting! {pink flower love}

5. Book table Genius! Stack old books to create a table. {design sponge}

Have you decorated with books? They're one of my favorite things to pick up at garage sales and thrift stores.

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Andrea Cooley

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