Friday Top 5: Fall Color and Texture

by Andrea Cooley

It's not officially fall for another week, but I can't get enough of the textures and colors. Every walk Adam and I take I'm looking for leaves and acorns and other pretty things to bring home. Here are some of my favorite signs of the season!

1. Pumpkins This image from Martha Stewart is one of my favorite pictures of fall! The color, the light, the shapes, oh my!

2. Buckeyes I haven't decorated the mantel for fall yet, but my bowl of buckeyes from last year will definitely be making a reappearance!

3. Leaves I don't think the leaves are going to be very pretty this year with all the heat and draught, but hopefully I can find a few pretty ones. {image source}
4. Hedge apples I haven't gotten any hedge apples this year, but I need to! If you put them by your door they're supposed to keep spiders and bugs away!5. Gourds I love all the knobs and colors. I picked up a few gourds when I got my mums last week. I think I'll be putting them on the dining room table. {image}

What are your favorite colors and textures of the season?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Such beautiful colors!  I have started using nature as my inspiration for decorating this fall and I am just loving the natural elements and colors!  Right now I am loving shades of browns!

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