Friday Top 5: Father’s Day Ideas

by Andrea Cooley

Technically Adam's not a dad this year, but Cody is! And who doesn't love some extra gift ideas for the men in their lives, even if they aren't dads! If the man in your life is even remotely geeky (yes, Adam, I'm talking about you), I highly recommend checking out ThinkGeek. Some of the things they sell are absolutely ridiculous (think bacon scented air fresheners and light saber flashlights), but it's always entertaining to see what they have!

1. Mustache beer mugs ($12.95) Who doesn't appreciate a good mustache?

2. Baby Owner's Manual ($14.99) This is what I should have ordered for Adam! The description says it helps you troubleshoot all your problems.

3. Classic ring toss ($29.99) I love a good yard game.

4. Batman money clip ($39.99) This one's for you Cody! Some people are already counting down to the final installment of the Batman series that's due out later this summer. And if the money clip isn't enough, there are also Batman cuff links!

5. Grill. What guy wouldn't love a big grill? I know I wouldn't have to ask Adam twice!

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Andrea Cooley

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