Friday Top 5: Garden Herbs To Try

by laura.johnson

Yes yes yes, we all know that no garden is complete without basil, thyme, and a little easy to grow parsley.  However these are some of the gems you might have skipped right over in the garden aisle.

Thai Basil {image above}: Pizza, Cepresse, Penne Pasta, Pesto, all of the great Basil classics but this variety backs a bit of a punch and pairs well with spicy dishes, curries, and other south Asian cuisine.

Citronella plant: The potential of enjoying and evening outdoors just got a lot more fee-sable without our state bird buzzing pest attacking me.  While there are conflicting reports online about it’s effectiveness I’m excited to try out this plant out in out courtyard this summer.  Maybe try a small planter of other natural pest repellents like rosemary, lavender, and mint, speaking of…

Chocolate Mint: While generally you name it I am happy to have any type of mint around.  This is my particular favorite, it’s deep rich under tones really set it apart from it’s siblings in the mint family.  However, like other mints this is an invasive herb so be warned, this guy is better off in a container.

Stevia: Or sometimes known as sugar leaf, and popularized by the new product Truvia this guy is a great alternative to a cup of sugar.  Slip a few dried leaves into teas, lemonades, and other drinks all year round.

Lemongrass: I must confess, it was actually my brother living in the Panamanian rain forest that brought this wonder to me.  Boil a couple blades add a little bit a fresh ginger and you’ll swear you are drinking a cup of Fruit Loops without having to worry about cavities!  Who ever would have thought that the rich flavor sugar fest childhood cereal can come right out of your garden!

What experimental plants did you spring for this growing season?

Image credits:Artistic Garden Picture This Garden, Wilson Bros Nursery, Dave’s Garden, Garden Harvest Supply

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  1. I’m trying pineapple sage. It actually smells like pineapple and I’m planning on using it with grilled pork chops and apples this weekend! mmmmmmmm.

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