Friday Top 5: Summer Favorites

by Andrea Cooley

Summer is well underway and even with the blistering temperatures, I still love the long warm days. I tried to limit this to my 5 favorite things about summer, but I got a little carried away and have 8 things this week! Check out more of our summer favorites on Pinterest!1. We haven't picked berries yet this summer, but it's on our list! I've been buying pints and pints of blueberries and eating them by the handful.2. Farmer's markets There's a new farmer's market in our neighborhood that we haven't been to yet, but I'm excited to check it out. We're getting lots of fresh veggies from our garden, but we don't have any melons, beans, or greens. I love eating local when we can!3. Outdoor movies Whether it's a drive-in, at a park, or in the backyard, watching a movie outside with the chirp of crickets and glow of fireflies in the background can't be beat! The Art Center is showing free movies the first Thurs of the month through September. In August it's Some Like it Hot, I can't wait! {image source}4. Lemonade Fresh squeezed lemonade reminds me of the state fair, so refreshing! {image source}5. Lazy afternoons If only we had trees in our backyard to hang a hammock from! Nothing says summer like a lazy afternoon with a cold drink and good book! {image source}
6. Sidewalk chalk I randomly picked up a box of chalk for $1 at Walgreen's. I haven't used it yet, but I always smile when I see drawings on the sidewalks. {image source and recipe for making your own!}7. Sweet corn We picked some of the first Iowa corn of the season last week. In a few weeks we should have some from the garden! We cooked the corn on the grill for the first time, has anyone else tried that? It gave it a smoky flavor. {image source}
8. Freshly cut flowers I'm kicking myself for not planting zinnia seeds this year. This picture is from last year. They are so pretty and such great flowers for cutting! Next year I'll plant them for sure!

What are your favorite things about summer?

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Andrea Cooley

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