Friday Top 5: summer fun

by Andrea Cooley

In honor of Tuesday being the first day of summer, here are 5 of our favorite things about summer.

1. Farmers markets
If you don’t have a garden, local farmers markets are an awesome place to get fresh produce and people watch! The Des Moines Farmers Market is huge and one of my favorites, but I also like some of the smaller neighborhood markets.

2. Fresh flowers

It will be another month or so until the zinnias I planted start to bloom, but I can’t wait to be able to cut bouquets and fill the house with fresh flowers!

3. Fire Pits

Seriously, how great would this be in your backyard? I love the smell of a campfire and roasting marshmallows and just sitting out enjoying the evening. Maybe someday we’ll tackle this project. Check out how to make it at Fresh Home Ideas.

4. Vertical gardens

{image: Restored Style}

Vertical gardens are the next big thing, especially if you don’t have a yard. Maybe this should be a project for Laura and Cody (hint, hint!)

5. Watermelon

There’s nothing like cold, sweet, juicy, watermelon. We enjoyed this guy (who we lovingly named Walter) last summer. Check out his tail! This year we’re trying to grow watermelon in the garden. I asked Adam what he wanted to grow this year, and that was his request. How exciting would it be if we actually get one! I’ll definitely keep you posted! Right now it’s just a vine, but I’m keeping an eye out for blooms!

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