Friday Top 5: Tantalizing Textiles

by laura.johnson

The fashion world has been a blur this week with hot runway trends and even hotter deals with the release (followed by buy out) of the new Missoni line from Target.  Yes, yes, those of us that have been dreaming sugar plum and zig zag dreams we must wait and hope for another release. However, in the light of our newest love don’t forget all of those other amazing and affordable textiles on the market right now.

1. The Marimekko shop at Crate and Barrel is full of fanciful poppy like prints in bold colors, however it’s the Kaareva pattern that caught my eye. If I wasn’t so afraid of pure white I might be a little bit more tempted by this dynamic ottoman.2. Allegra Hicks at West Elm.  As if this  boutique box store needed to do anything else to win a soft spot in my heart!  Sofas, curtains, chairs all beaming the creations of one of my favorite textile designers.  Her soft colors mixed with hard geometric lines always sets my heart a flutter.

3. Amy Butler at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Yes it’s been said I’m one that can love TOO much pattern and this midwestern designer is a girl after my own heart!  Bold colors with patterns that could never be classified as shy!  Often after looking at her lovely collection I have to remind myself that I love the man I share a home with, and I’m certain he would not love these towels, drats. 

4. Ikea, my  blue Swedish friend, has long been regarded as a phenomenal find for large bold print cottons, but in the last few years they’ve grown up a bit.  Their new furniture upholstery feature a sleek sophisticated option along side our playful friend of the past.

Sweetly Sophistcated

Young and Fun

5.Dwell Studio for Target.  Yes yes I know, I already gave the good nod to Tar-get for their designer goods, but to overlook the beautiful works of Dwell Studio would be a shame!  For quite some time Dwell Studio has been noted for their stunning bedroom textiles, and of course the Target line is no different.

However, they have managed to break out of the bedding mold and incorporate their stunning designs into other household goods.  Pretty pot holders and towels, pillows, rugs, you name it.

And of course, my favorite, their furniture!

Yes, it’s easy to get carried away with the trappings of our new Missoni love but keep in mind these beauties, that are equally stunning, and readily available.

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