Friday Top 5: TV Shows

by Andrea Cooley

A few weeks ago, Laura shared her and Cody’s new favorite TV show, Top Gear. Most of the time I’m thankful that Adam isn’t really a big TV watcher (is that even a word?). I know some women have to tear their husbands away from their favorite sports show or comedy, not Adam. For the most part he spends his “screen time” in front of the computer, reading up on news and playing with servers or something (I don’t understand half of what he does, but it falls into the category of it makes him happy so I just nod and smile when he starts telling me about the latest firewall or networking update).

I must confess, sometimes I wish Adam liked to watch TV with me more. I wouldn’t say I watch an unreasonable amount of TV, but I definitely have a list of shows I follow and it’s more fun to watch with someone else! When we were first married, really wanted to find a show that would be “ours”. I was just out of college–when I had no time to watch TV and the idea of being able to commit to a show and watch it every week was kind of novel. This was before things like HuLu and Netflix were around making it easy to catch up on your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. I actually remember programming my VCR (I’m dating myself!) to record ER.  Anyway, I digress! We landed on LOST as “our” show. It was something I probably wouldn’t have watched on my own, but I was willing to watch it if Adam liked it (the sacrifices I make!). That lasted about 2 seasons. Eventually Adam got tired of the show (crazy, right!?) but I was hooked! (Even though I wasn’t a fan of the finale, I still LOVE the show)

So, in no particular order, here are 5 shows that you’ll find on our DVR. You’ll notice, there’s no Grey’s Anatomy or Gilmore Girls here. I have to watch those girly dramas on my own!

1. The Closer
This show is the latest addition to our queue. I think we caught an episode of it over Labor Day and have been hooked ever since! (I think this is the last season of it, so we’ll have to catch up when it’s over!) I don’t think I’ve ever watched multiple episodes of a cop show, and honestly, the main reason I started watching this one was because I thought Adam would like it! So the fact that this one has a female lead (ie: Brenda Johnson played by Kyra Sedgwick) is part of the reason I like it. I usually close my eyes when they show the gruesome murders, but it’s been a great show to catch up on while we waited for new TV to start! I also can get a lot of crocheting done while I watch it. When I multi-task I don’t feel guilty about the hours I sometimes spend on the couch.

2. House
This is another show I started watching because Adam liked it. It’s definitely no Grey’s Anatomy, but even though I can’t stand House sometimes, I keep watching! I guess it’s just entertaining to see what a jerk he is!

3. Mad Men
There was so much hype around this show we finally had to check it out. I’ll admit, it took some convincing to get Adam to watch it with me, but now we can’t wait for Season 5 to start!

4. 30 Rock
Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. They’re just funny. End of story. As soon as I hear the theme song, I start to do a little happy dance. Anyone else with me?

5. Friday Night Lights
Don’t write this off as a show about football. It was so much more! (Yes, was. Sadly, it’s no longer on.) The last season finished earlier this summer, but if you haven’t seen it, this is one show that’s definitely worth adding to your Netflix queue! In my opinion it had the best married couple on TV along with a lot of other memorable characters. Adam started watching it for the football, but we kept watching it for the people and relationships.

Wow, either I like TV more than I realized, or I’m just feeling really chatty tonight. Either way, what shows do you watch with your hubby?

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Andrea Cooley

  1. Ok in my defense, we do watch television…I must admit, the closer is one of our favorites today…but in the past we were all about Boston Legal, CSI Miami and NY, House, Lost (For two seasons at least), Friday Night Lights, etc.

    And let’s think about something, I work from home… So what do you know about what I do and don’t do during the day? I”m here by myself….working away…

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