Friday Top 5: Ways to Love Your Husband

by Andrea Cooley

Last week I told you that I don’t decorate for Valentine’s day, but I do have a soft spot for cards of any kind. Adam and I don’t usually exchange gifts, but cards are a must (and maybe some chocolates!). If you’re reading this Adam, I especially love anything from Rifle Paper Co, like the print above!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? It’s one of those holidays that’s so commercial, it’s easy to get jaded by it. If you’re married I hope you don’t need a holiday to tell your honey that you love them! But it is a good time to think about how you show your husband that you love him.

Here are 5 ideas to put the spark back in your marriage:

1. 50 questions for date night

2. 75 ways to show love

3. 40 unforgettable dates (free e-book!)

4. Take the 30-day husband encouragement challenge

5. 100 ways to make your marriage rock!

And even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, take a minute to tell your honey that you love them!

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Andrea Cooley

  1. I took the 30 day husband challenge. It was awesome…really challenged my mindset.

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