Friday Top 5: What our Mothers Taught Us

by laura.johnson


We’re going to change up our Friday posts and start featuring “Top 5” lists of projects, pretty things, rooms, ideas, recipes, etc. What better way to start than an ode to our mothers. After all they had perfected this ‘living with a boy’ business way before we made a go at it. Chime in with your top 5.


1. Budgets: How to make them & how to break them. (Don’t be fooled, it’s the second part that is the hardest)

2. The phrase: ‘why don’t you just make it?’

3. Life is best lived with a little paint in your hair.

4. Yes, you do have to eat every day, but leftovers are always good!

5. A good man will overlook your faults & your shoes.

Yep, we’d be totally lost without the sage advice of the women who have gone before us, found beauty in their home and their husbands, and taught us the true grace of life.  Your imprint is on everything we do, and for that we thank you.


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  1. I totally see you in your mother in this picture and you are TOO cute w/ your fishy face.

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