Friday Top 5: Thrifting Theories

by laura.johnson

1. Love and spray paint can cover a multitude of sins.

2. Repeat after me ‘Even though it’s only $3, it’s still $3 too much if  you don’t need it.’  Buy what you need leave what you don’t. Then the next gal can find that perfect treasure!

3. Take a friend, make it a party.  If you can’t tell I like parties, going to them, throwing them, you name it I’m there!

4. Re purpose, vintage wall paper makes a great shelf liner, sheets can make awesome curtains, a sweet little sewing table would make the most darling vanity.

5. If it’s worth it, pay up.  Yes believe it or not sometimes you can find a better deal, you can haggle the price and save a few bucks.  But lets face it those bucks are going to a good cause, helping feed families, putting shelter over people heads, and building back into your community.  If that’s not a good reason to shell out the dough I don’t know what is.


intro image from Style Me Pretty

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