Friday Top Five: Advent Celebrations

by laura.johnson

1. Calendar Tree

You may remember I’m a sucker for non-traditional Christmas trees, so when I stumbled across this simple advent calendar I couldn’t help but bookmark it!  All you need is mini envelops, bright stickers and the promises of the Lord.  Check out these girls’ blog for the full run down.

2. 18 Days of Advent

So for those rule followers, and purists you might be pointing out that Advent actually started last Sunday or remind me that the 1st of December as yesterday. All true, and yet my post turkey/project haze is no excuse to overlook these meaningful time of the year, however it does make me love my dear friend Sara so much more. Last year she shared her creative advent calendar with us, and while lost in the excitement of a project coming together, she forgot that 3×6 is only 18… not 24.  Whoops, however I believe that if Gods grace is great enough for the multitude of my sins, I’m sure it can also cover a simple math flub.

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3. Weekly Reminders

Last winter Cody and I tried to observe our first Advent together. Knowing full well we wouldn’t be the types to keep up a knew routine 25 days in a row, we opted for a Sunday afternoon tradition. For the 4 weeks of Advent, we set aside time on Sunday afternoon to read Scripture and reflect on the season. It’s something that’s simple enough to incorporate into our lives and bring our focus toward the real meaning of the season all throughout the week.  Check out some great reading plans at


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4. Growing Nativity

I’ve always been jealous of those families who have a beautiful nativity set, especially when they are able to incorporate these beautiful figurines into their advent traditions.  As Christmas gets closer they add a wise man, or an angel, reading the story that follows each of these characters as they come upon the Christ child.

5. Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

Last week after a frustrating encounter at the store, I remarked to Cody, ‘I forget how miserable people are this time of year’.  Yes we are told that ‘Tis the Season to be Merry’ but often we find our (and other’s) hearts far from the peace, love, and joy that we proclaim. I think that is why this particular Advent calendar stuck out to me. It’s a way to bless those around us, not just the ones we love, but the ones that Christ came to love as well.  Head over to Tracie’s blog for the full details.

Now it’s your turn! How do you celebrate Advent with your family?

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  1. I LOVE Advent. Probably because my girls love it. We do it differently every year, but always include scripture and candy! I posted at Pruning Princesses this week about the Jesse Tree Advent we are doing this year.

  2. thanks for including me in your post today!! i’m SO blessed to know how many people are being blessed by small acts of kindness this year!

    and a small world note … when i clicked over to your site, i’m thinking “this looks familiar” … we have the same blog designer and i’m currently working with her on a different project, so keep perusing her portfolio and see your site a lot! :) love her!

    be blessed and merry Christmas!

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