Friday Top 5: Quick Clean Tips

by laura.johnson

{image: Real Simple}

1. Dust ceiling fan blades with a pillowcase. Slide the pillowcase over a blade, and slowly pull it off, containing all the dust inside the case. Brilliant!

2.  Windows, windows, windows. I kid you not, they will improve the way you live. As for the best way to clean them, a little Windex followed by circular motions with newspaper have always done the trick for me. Plus you build up great biceps practicing your wax-on wax-off boogie.

3. I don’t know about you, but Adam has a higher tolerance for dirty sinks and floors than I do. I have learned that when something needs to be cleaned, it’s OK to ask him to help me clean it. Otherwise, he’s probably not going to notice it on his own, and I can’t hold that against him. If I ask, he’s usually willing to help. I’m still learning this one.

4. It’s worth spending a little more on “natural” cleaning products. I used to cough and my eyes would burn when I cleaned the bathroom with bleach. Since I already dread cleaning the bathroom, I decided it was worth investing in products that didn’t make me suffer. I mostly use Chlorox’s Green Works line.

5. Daily cleaning checklist {Shelteriffic} I personally can’t commit to cleaning every day, but maybe it’s something I’ll aspire to one day! Honestly, even the thought of posting this list on the refrigerator kind of stresses me out. Unchecked boxes would make me feel guilty for not cleaning!

What are you best cleaning tips?

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  1. If I can wipe down my bathroom sink regularly and keep the floors swept, it gives the feel of clean even if I haven’t scrubbed the bathtub or mopped recently. Also, a fresh tablecloth and a bud vase of spring blooms outshines the fact I haven’t dusted lately. : )

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